we were innocent once

20 years old doctor's assistant and part time mermaid.
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I hated school. But now, when I look back at school… I still hate it.


caterpillars have the ideal life. they eat a lot and then sleep for a while and wake up beautiful.

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can’t wait till all my friends get married and have nice weddings with open bars

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This one time i was in church and my mom said she would give me 10$ if while the priest was flinging “holy water” at us i would run into the aisle once he passed and start hissing and screaming “IT BURNS” 

do u know how many angry Christians i got in my inbox because of this


Why isn’t anyone talking about what a great sense of humor your mom has?

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Eric Harris


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Today the world’s going to come to an end. Today’s the day we die.


do demons not have anything better to do than possess young white girls

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